3 Overwhelming Benefits of Dual Monitors

3 Overwhelming Benefits of Dual Monitors

It's 11:25 on a Wednesday morning and you're hard at work at your desk. You're staring at your computer screen and bouncing back and forth between your email, web browser, Adobe software, and Word documents. You start to get frustrated because you are constantly minimizing programs to get the documents you need. If this scenario sounds familiar, you've probably realized how valuable your computer's screen real estate is!

The answer to this issue is relatively simple. Why not use 2 computer monitors? Yes, it's really that simple. It will take a small investment, of course, to purchase another monitor and a mount for a dual monitor setup, but the ROI completely outweighs the cost. If the opening scenario wasn't enough to convince you, keep reading to learn about the overwhelming benefits of dual monitors. 

Do More, Faster

Several studies have been conducted regarding single screen versus dual screen computer setups. In terms of productivity, one study showed that employees saw a 44% increase in productivity when it came to text tasks, whole also seeing a 29% increase in spreadsheet tasks. Another study proved that people completed tasks, on average, 2 minutes faster with a dual screen setup. Although 2 minutes doesn't seem like a huge difference, multiply that per task for each employee in your company, and you can easily see the value of upgrading to dual monitors.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Using a dual monitor set-up is preferred 9 times out of 10, according to a study done by Dell Computers. If that isn't authority enough, Dr. King, associated director of the Center or Ergonomics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Health Sciences said in a recent interview, "Studies have shown increased productivity from using dual monitors. A byproduct of that is more comfort, a better workload and a higher level of satisfaction and feeling of support in the workplace." So, not only are employees more satisfied, they are more productive, efficient, and comfortable. 


For some, the thought of setting up 2 monitors to function simultaneously sounds like a huge ordeal. The setup is quite simple and requires no extra software. Your mouse will move across both screens with ease, and dragging an application from one screen to another is seamless. Also, if you're a laptop fan instead, it is just as easy to set up a dual monitor station. The laptop will allow you mobility, but you can still come back to the other monitor, plug in a cord or two, and you'll be right back in dual monitor mode

Increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and simplicity are just a few of the several reasons to upgrade dual monitors. The dual monitor upgrade is a worthwhile investment for your home or work office space. If you're ready to find the perfect dual monitor stand, check out the great options we have to offer here! To stay up-to-date with our blog and latest product offerings, be sure to check us on our various social media sites!

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  • Elaina R
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  • Mala

    Back in my corporate days, I used the dual monitor system for digital product reviews. I can vouch for its benefits if someone is employed in the IT or ITES industries.

    Nowadays, I try to keep my number of active windows to a max of 3 and switch using Alt+Tab.

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