Desk Upgrades You Need for College

One of the best parts about going off to college is picking out all the fun stuff to decorate your dorm. You'll pick out all the best space saving products and make sure they all match perfectly. But there is often one area of the dorm that people forget about when college shopping -- the desk! Sure, you've gotten pencil organizers and file folders, but this isn't high school anymore! It's time for an upgrade! 

We've put together a simple list of products that will not only take your desk from empty to college ready but will also create a more comfortable and ergonomic workspace. 

Height Adjustable Desks 

Having an adjustable desk means that you can adjust the desk to any height that you need. You can buy an electric frame that will adjust to any height you wish and create the perfect desk space. If you already have a desk in your dorm, check out the desktop sit-to-stand desk. You can place them directly on your desktop and still have the ability to adjust from sitting to standing. Having the ability to switch up your study session by standing will allow you to get the proper circulation that is crucial for your health. Having a height adjustable desk increases the ergonomics of your workstation as well. If you want to learn more about ergonomics, check out this previous blog! Besides, after sitting all day in class, don't you want to stretch your legs a bit while getting in a good study session at the same time?

Ergonomic Standing Mat

If you do invest in a standing desk, you're going to want to stand on something more comfortable than just your basic flooring. Buying an ergonomic mat will give you extra cushion and support for when you are standing at your desk. When you've got 30 minutes to finish a final paper, the last thing you want to worry about is getting fatigued from standing. Ergonomic mats help lessen the strain on your leg muscles and prevent fatigue. 

Dual Monitor Mount

How many times have you been writing a paper for a class where not only do you have your document open, but also a web browser for researching, and a program to create citations? A typical single monitor or laptop setup won't allow you to see all of these programs simultaneously. This is where a dual monitor setup comes in. It seems complicated, but it's actually a very simple process and it will make your life a whole lot easier. All you have to do is buy a dual monitor mount that will attach to your desk and another computer monitor. This will allow you to have two screens to do your work on. Many studies have been proven that dual monitor setups also increase productivity and efficiency. You can even get a dual monitor setup that supports one laptop and one monitor. So, instead of wasting time flipping back and forth between applications, use a dual monitor setup to get your work done much faster and get back to all the fun things college has to offer. 

Think of all the flexibility and benefits of these desk upgrades! You'll be able to enjoy the comfort of your personalized workstation, increase the ergonomic workflow, and get your work done more efficiently. If you want to keep up with our blog posts and latest product offerings, be sure to follow us on our social media pages! 



Never mind college … I want some of these upgrades for my home office!! I especially like the standing desk and dual monitors.

Dr. K. Lee Banks August 14, 2017

I’m not in college but these are great selections, love updating my desk area!

Krystin August 14, 2017

Oh my gosh! These desk upgrades are just too fabulous! When my daughter was a freshman at Cal Poly SLO she had two roommates in the tiniest of dorm rooms. Yes, three girls in one room. All of the girls would have loved to have had these space-saving items.

Denay DeGuzman August 09, 2017

Cool ideas. I like them.

GEralde August 09, 2017

I’m not in college quite yet but I’m getting there! When I do I’ll be sure to try these out.

Sarah August 09, 2017

Love the Dual Monitors. That’s on my “I Want it” list!

xoxo Christie

Christie Moeller August 09, 2017

Omg, the height adjustable desk is exactly what I need in my life…!

Crystal Lam August 09, 2017

I so desperately want a desk that allows me to stand and work. I have an office 8-5 job where I am constantly sitting.. not good for the posture. Thanks for the info!

Kelli Bailey August 09, 2017

YES…I love Dual Monitors! Such a great tip! :)

Jess August 09, 2017

I would love to make my desk a standing one! I feel like it would be so much better for my back since I have a bad slouching habit.

Ginger Smith August 08, 2017

I would love a stand-up desk in my home office, I spend a lot of time in there!

Amy Blake August 08, 2017

These options look amazing for those going back to college this fall, makes me kind of wish I had one for my home office!

Nina Bashaw August 08, 2017

I love The Desktop sit-to-stand desk and Ergonomic Standing Mat. Great Post!

Suanlian Tangpua August 08, 2017

I’m well past college, but I have been thinking about getting a standing desk. The idea to get the ergonomic mat to go with it is great! I hadn’t thought of that.

Tracy August 08, 2017

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