How to Help Your Child Succeed This School Year Amidst a Pandemic

As we wait for new updates about COVID-19 and the upcoming school year, many of you who are parents will need to make a decision: to continue homeschooling or to take your kids back to school. Even if you decided to do the latter, your child’s school still might not allow students to come in yet, and instead, will pursue e-learning. After experiencing your child learning from home last spring, you might dread the thought of your child being home again for another semester. The lack of materials and space for schoolwork can be overwhelming. Items such as a children’s desk, book shelves, laptop stand, or a desktop whiteboard can help ease this transition. These items may seem hard to come by but rest assured that they are readily available and inexpensive.

Children’s Desk

It can be quite uncomfortable for a child to sit at a kitchen table or full-sized desk for many hours throughout the day. Instead of having your child adapt to their surroundings, why not adapt their surroundings to them? There are several options on the market for children’s desks to fit your child’s size and their needs. If your child likes to move the location of their study space for a change of scenery, then a mobile desk would be a great option for them. A height adjustable desk and chair would be a good option if you want to invest in a desk that will grow with your child.

child doing homework on an ergonomic kid's desk

Book Shelves

Textbooks can be a pain to store at home. Many of them are awkward sizes and don’t quite fit on a standard shelf. Putting them in a pile on the floor may seem like the best option. However, these bookshelves work great for holding textbooks, magazines, or notebooks. The acrylic material makes for a sleek, modern design so they can be used in any room of your house once your child is done with them. The floating bookshelves can hold up to 70 lbs. Just imagine what all you can put on them! 

Laptop Stand

Many schools send their children home with Chromebooks to complete their schoolwork. If your child uses their Chromebook at a kitchen table, they can easily strain their neck because they’re looking down for so long. A simple laptop stand can raise the Chromebook by a few inches and make a world of a difference for your child’s neck and productivity. What’s great about this particular stand is that you can adjust the tilt to perfectly fit your child’s height.


Certain subjects are easier to learn if you have a whiteboard to practice on. This whiteboard stands in an aluminum base and doubles as a partition which comes in handy if you have a few children doing schoolwork in one area. Since this whiteboard sits straight up on a desk, your child will have plenty of room for other materials. When the whiteboard is not in use, you can put up encouraging notes or pictures with a magnet to help personalize your child’s space.

whiteboard mount on desk

Creating a classroom space for your child at home can be overwhelming, but as you can see, it doesn’t have to be. These supplies can help transform their space into a fun, supportive, and encouraging learning environment . To see more ways to transform your child’s learning space, check out our website!

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