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Incorporating Exercise Into Your Workday

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The life of the modern day worker tends to be nonstop. You wake up, get dressed, have breakfast on the go, and go to work for 8 hours. Even night time routines can be filled with errands and other obligations. People often struggle with finding the time to balance exercise with a busy workday. We all know that it is important to incorporate physical activity into your day, but it can feel like it’s easier said than done. We’ve put together a list of ways to get up and get moving during your hectic day!

Cut the Car: If you have a short commute to work, see if it would be reasonable for you to walk or bike to work. This starts your day off right with some leisurely activity. You will feel better for having exercised, and you’ll likely save a little money by reducing the use of your car! If riding a bike or walking doesn’t work for you, try parking your car at the very end of the lot, farthest away from the entrance. This may not seem like much, but you’ll be surprised how quickly those extra steps add up.

Stand at Work: Standing while working has been proven to increase blood flow, reduce strain on joints, and even help your productivity and efficiency. Standing also burns more calories than sitting. Buying a standing desk or desk converter can make the transition seamless. Of course, that doesn’t mean you ought to be standing the entire day. Be sure to start off in small increments, like 10 minutes at a time, and take breaks in between. Also, don’t forget the comfortable shoes!

Gather Your Co-Workers: This is when things can become fun and creative. Talk to your co-workers and see if any of them would be interested in joining a “walking club.” During your lunch break, everyone gets together to go on a short walk. Again, it doesn’t have to be long because the goal is just to get your body moving more during the day! If walking doesn’t interest everyone, maybe organize a yoga session or even a fun round of soccer or basketball. This is not only a great way to get everyone exercising, but it also helps with team building.

Stretch and Move at Your Desk: Stretching is a very important part of exercise that people often overlook. Stretching improves flexibility, tones muscles, and of course burns calories. Not to mention, stretching can help alleviate any back, neck, and eye strain you may have from sitting and staring at a desk all day. You might even consider doing some simple arm circles and calf raises to switch things up during your routine!

Exercising doesn’t have to be dreadful and time-consuming. You can break up your routine and incorporate small bursts of exercise throughout your day, which will leave you feeling refreshed and give you more time to dedicate to your busy life.

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