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Kids Need Ergonomics Too!

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If you thought ergonomics was only applicable in the workplace, think again. Children also have specific requirements when it comes to being comfortable at a desk. Think about how much smaller a child is in comparison to an adult. We don't all wear the same size clothes, so why would we all use the same size office equipment. Keeping children safe and preventing injury means tailoring their workstation to suit them. If you want to learn more about creating the perfect ergonomic work environment for your children, keep reading!

Chairs: Typical office chairs were not designed with children in mind. Dangling feet, armrests too high, and many other issues can cause a lot of problems for kids. It is recommended that if your child would be sitting in a chair for more than an hour to do work, you should purchase a chair that is designed for them. Lower lumbar support is crucial!

Monitors: In this day and age, it is likely that your child is on a computer at least an hour a day. Since most kids are sitting in chairs that are way too big for them, they are also straining their necks to see the monitor. Just like for adults, the top of the monitor should be at eye-level with the child. Also be sure to keep the screen about an arm's length away in order to keep eyes healthy. 

Keyboard and Mouse: By simply adding an adjustable keyboard tray to your child's desk, you will help reduce their wrist strain. This is especially important if your child uses the same desk at home as you do. you can also invest in a smaller keyboard to make the workstation more comfortable. If kids are learning typing skills, a normal keyboard may hinder that process. Some companies even make mice that are child size. 

Desks: If you find that your home office space is just not ideal for a child, you may want to invest in a child sized desk. This will not only allow a child to feel like they have their own space, but they will also be much more comfortable when they need to do work. You can even find many height adjustable desks so as your child grows, they can slowly adjust the height to remain at a comfortable level. 

Keeping your kids safe and free of injury is a full-time job, but using ergonomics can make things much simpler. Keep in mind of all the things that may be a little too big for your child and adjust appropriately, To stay up-to-date with our blog posts and latest product offerings, be sure to follow us on our social media accounts 


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