Staying Active in the Workplace

A Typical Day in the Life of a Modern Office Worker

While job tasks vary from company to company, office workers can typically relate to each other when it comes to facing the challenge of staying active throughout the work day. Much of the daily projects that we tackle are accomplished in a seated position, and while it’s important to maximize focus and efficiency, are we remembering to take care of ourselves? Or do we find that time doesn’t allow room for the simple, yet important aspects of a healthy work lifestyle?

If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. The good news is that taking simple steps towards a more active work day can make a significant impact. And we would like to help.

That’s why our team created the Instagram 30 Day Deskercise Challenge for the month of March. It includes simple ways to incorporate daily stretches and exercises at your desk with minimal interruption to your daily workload.

The challenge will help you stay more active during the day, which is good for your physical, mental, and emotional health by reducing the amount of sedentary time your body undergoes at a desk job.

If you’d like some helpful tips on how to stay active during the work day, keep reading!

Tired of Sitting All Day? You Don’t Have To!

There’s nothing like facing the stress of the day stuck in an office chair. And unless you’re Indiana Jones with an action packed side occupation, desk jobs require a lot of sitting.

While there are ways to reduce stress like stress balls, dart boards, rubber band wars, etc, try the simpler and less time consuming method of letting yourself stand up and stretch your legs at any point during the day. The easiest way to accomplish this is by using the increasingly popular standing desk.  

Standing Desks

If you don’t already have a standing desk in your office, and you’re able to get one, you have options! Here are some of our own models to get you started on your quest:

There are many types of standing desks and workstations out there, but the benefit is the same. They all provide a way to stand up throughout the day and still maintain an ergonomic viewing and typing setup. There’s nothing like thinking on your feet!

Alternatives to Standing Desks

While standing desks are a great solution to staying active throughout the day, they aren’t always feasible. Maybe there’s not enough room in your workspace, or a new workstation isn’t in the budget. Don’t worry, there’s still hope! Here are other ways to stay active in the office:

  • Exercise at your Desk: This could include stretches, squats, planking, push ups, jumping jacks, and much more! Don’t worry, we’re not recommending that you leave your work tasks to do jumping jacks in the middle of the office. While entertaining, that may not fly with your boss. Some exercises could be done during small breaks or lunch time.
  • Increase Steps: Try to be more conscious of how many steps you take throughout the day. When you have small breaks, walk around and get your circulation moving. Strategically plan your trips to the water cooler so that you can stay well hydrated and increase steps at the same time. Take the furthest parking spot to get in more steps while winning the parking lot chivalry award.
  • Company Challenge: There’s nothing like good clean competition when it comes to making office life more active. Start a step counting challenge in your department, or take walks together to enrich the social aspect of your day.  

Whether you enhance your workstation with a standing desk or increase the amount of stretches and exercises during the work day, finding ways to be more active at the office can have long term benefits on your physical, mental, and emotional health. It may seem like a small step today, but the compounded effect of a healthy lifestyle makes a significant difference.

We hope this blog helped give you ideas on how to be more active at work, and remember  we’re rooting for you! For more information on this or related topics, don’t forget to follow us on our social media accounts. We’d love to have you join our 30 Day Deskercise Challenge!

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