The 5 Best Ways to Improve Workplace Ergonomics

The 5 Best Ways to Improve Workplace Ergonomics

If you work in an air-conditioned office with plush chairs and sunlight, you may feel like you have great working conditions. But without proper ergonomic conditions, your office environment may be affecting your health more than you realize. That's where ergonomics comes in. Ergonomics is the science of creating a workspace that suits people's various needs and abilities. Ergonomics has also been proven to reduce workplace injuries including back pain and eye strain as well as increase workplace efficiency. 

If you are looking to create a more comfortable workspace that is also more efficient, then we have some easy tips for you. There are several simple things you can do to create an ergonomically sound work environment. 


Not all desks are created equal. We are all used to those basic stationary desks for the most part, but the ergonomically savvy are using height adjustable desks. There are several options when it comes to adjustable desks, including crank desks and motorized desks. These options will allow you to position the desk at a variety of heights; therefore, it can be customized to the person that will be sitting at that desk. Some desks will even adjust to a fully standing position. Breaking up long periods of sitting by moving to a standing position has proven to have many health benefits.


Another simple way to improve your workplace ergonomics is to add a simple monitor mount to your desk. Whether you have a single or multiple screen setup, adding an adjustable mount to your desk will reduce neck and eye strain. When you add an adjustable mount to your computer monitor, this allows you to adjust the screen to the appropriate eye level. it is suggested that the top of the monitor is at eye level and about an arm's length from your face. 


Floor Mats

If you are thinking about getting a standing desk, or if you already have one, you may want to pick up an anti-fatigue mat. These mats have tons of cushions and help to relieve back, leg and foot pressure when standing. They also have proven cardiovascular benefits. 


your basic everyday office chairs are not the most ergonomically friendly. Chairs that have lower back support which are also height adjustable will help to relieve back pain while working. Look for an ergonomic chair that supports a healthy posture.


Ergonomic keyboards keep your wrists and arms in a relaxed neutral position. They typically are designed with a slope at the bottom of the keyboard to rest your wrists. Many consumers with carpal tunnel find ergonomic keyboards a necessity when working in an office setting. There are also ergonomic keyboard trays which can help enhance your posture as well.

Ergonomics is a huge health benefit when working in an office environment. Whether you are looking to be a little healthier, or even just a little more comfortable, improving your desk ergonomics can help! To stay up-to-date with our blog and latest product offerings, be sure to check us out on our social media pages! 

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