What's So Great About VIVO Products? [Customer Testimonial]

In addition to selling through online marketplaces like Amazon.com, we here at VIVO work directly with retailers and distributors to offer discounts and wholesale pricing on our products. We also can work with custom orders to provide specialized solutions that fit each specific customer’s needs.

Recently, we interviewed one of our customers, Comprehensive Insurance Services (CIS), to find out why they chose VIVO when looking to outfit their office with active and ergonomic products. We talked to Matt Wiegand, Vice President of the agency, and asked him about their company’s journey to becoming ergonomically conscious.


What started your desire for a sit stand solution in your workplace?

“We had an employee that was struggling with some back issues, and that kind of started our thoughts and desire for something different than a normal desk,” Matt told us, “And so we started looking around, and found the sit stand desk, and just felt that we wanted to try that option for her. It seemed like it was a good fit to modify our current desk, and to do it in a price conscious way.”

Using desk risers and other sit stand solutions are a great way to improve health in the office. Switching between sitting and standing while working has been shown to have health benefits such as increased blood flow and reducing pains and aches. Outfitting your office with ergonomic products can have more advantages beyond just health; it can increase both productivity and employee engagement. You can read more about that in this blog post.


Why the DESK V-Series?

“We chose this desk riser [DESK-V000V] because we knew it would be easy to modify the current desk, and it was a good price point for us.” Matt explained, “The employees really like the VIVO product, they enjoy the option that it gives them now. [Like] a lot of offices, over many years, we’ve just been sitting. And this product offers the option to do both, to start our day sitting and then as the day goes by we can stand and make adjustments, and then we can go back to sitting. And it’s very easy to do.”

Our DESK V-Series can be set up on your standard office desk to easily convert your workstation to have sit to stand functionality. It comes in several different colors including black, white, dark wood, and light wood. It also has an electric version (DESK-V000VE) which allows you to switch between sitting and standing at the push of a button.


What was it like working with VIVO?

Matt recounted his experience calling VIVO’s wholesale department. “I contacted VIVO, talked to the salesperson there. They were very helpful in giving me pricing, talking me through the different options that there were, and that we needed.”

“I would definitely recommend for any other business person to call VIVO and to use them for their sit stand desk solutions.” He went on to say, “VIVO was great to work with, I feel like their prices were very in line with what we were looking for … they would have one of my highest recommendations.”


VIVO Wholesale

Are you a business owner or office designer looking to make an ergonomic friendly office space? Or maybe you’re someone looking to deck out their home office with active furniture. You can browse our products on our website, or go straight to our Wholesale page to contact us so we can help you find a solution that works best for you.

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