Why Kneeling Chairs are the Next Thing to Get in Your Office

Imagine this - you’re sitting in your office chair at your desk typing away. Your back is hunched over, neck unsupported, and focus diminishing. Doesn’t sound too comfortable, does it? Sadly, this is the position many office workers sit in for 40+ hours a week. There are several ergonomic chairs on the market, but it can still be difficult to get out of the slump position with them. Standing desks are a great option to consider but can be difficult to come by if on a tight budget. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to save your posture and your work, kneeling chairs are the way to go! Keep reading to see how kneeling chairs can affect your physical and psychological well being.  

Physical Benefits

The most obvious benefits of a kneeling chair involve your physical being. The seat of a kneeling chair is angled so that your pelvis and back are supported to promote good posture. By improving your posture, the kneeling chair will help eliminate the back pain that comes with slouching. These chairs will force you to use different muscles than what you are used to so it’s normal to experience muscle soreness or discomfort in the first weeks of using it. We’ve found it beneficial to switch between your kneeling chair, standing, and your normal office chair if needed. The word “kneeling” can be scary to some because it implies that you’ll have weight on your knees. The kneeling chair is designed to distribute your weight evenly to your shins, thighs, and back. If you grab a chair that has comfortable cushions, then you’ll be even better!

girl sitting in a white ergonomic kneeling chair

Psychological Benefits

Kneeling chairs come with underlying psychological benefits that many don’t consider when purchasing. Do you remember in school when your teacher told you to sit up straight and tall to listen? That’s because when you have good posture, you naturally engage in what you’re doing. Many people find that they concentrate better at kneeling chairs for the same reasons. Not only does posture improve concentration, but so does staying active. A kneeling rocking chair is great for this as you can engage your core through the back and forth motions. This active motion can also decrease stress which is great for those tough days. 

There are certainly several benefits of switching to a kneeling chair but if you’re still not convinced, read this employee’s personal experience with using one for a week. You’ll see he mentions the same benefits we did as well as the transition period. What better time than now to make the switch to better your body and your quality of work! To see a full list of our kneeling chair models, visit our website

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