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BEE-KIT3 <br><br>Beekeeping Starter Tool Kit
beehive smoker for beekeeping
honey strainer for beekeeping
BEE-KIT3 <br><br>Beekeeping Starter Tool Kit


Beekeeping Starter Tool Kit

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  • Beehive Smoker: produces safe cool smoke to help calm bees and protect from stings during hive maintenance with a heat shield protective guard to help prevent burns (Length from bottom to tip of nose is 11” with canister diameter of 4”) 
  • Frame Holder: removes frames from the beehive; roughly 5” by 5” with easy to grip rounded handles 
  • Beehive Brush: gently but firmly removes bees from cells when working with hive frames; natural horsehair with wooden handle (Length is 16”) 
  • Honey Strainer: designed with two separating screens for effective honey filtering; made of 304 stainless steel which is durable, highly resistant to rust and oxidation, and easy to clean (measuring roughly 9" in diameter x 4" deep)


UPC: 818538022254 

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