Position Title: IT Coordinator

Department Name: IT

Effective Date: November 2018/revised January 2021

Position Reports To:  CEO & VP of Operations

Description of Position

The IT Coordinator is responsible for maintenance of the Company’s computer technology systems & software, as well as establishing protocols for computer usage and security.  This position sets up systems, software and processes, as well as helped departments with automation & forecasting.  

Essential Functions/Responsibilities

Key Accountability #1

In- House Technical Support

  1. Assist with installation and set-up of hardware/software
  2. Solve technical and applications problems
  3. Provide assistance to employees with system problems
  4. Inventory forecasting and uploading as assigned

Key Accountability #2

Network and Server Administrator

  1. Monitor system and network performance
  2. Perform troubleshooting, repairs and data restoration
  3. Perform maintenance activities and backups
  4. Maintain licenses and upgrades schedules

Key Accountability #3

Webmaster and Cloud Software Administrator

  1. VIVO-us
  2. All other webpages assigned

Key Accountability #4

Software Support, Research and Consulting

  1. New software research and implementation
  2. Google Docs upkeep
  3. Provide ideas for automation and general process improvement

Demonstration of Vivo Values and Standards of Behavior:


  • Confidential discussions such as employee issues, company sales, company challenges, stay confidential.  
  • Trusted by employees to handle questions in a confidential matter.


  • Enthusiastically engage in your work.
  • Connect with each person treating them with courtesy, compassion, empathy and respect.

Work Ethic

  • Commit to the best outcomes and highest quality for the customer and fellow peers.
  • Striving daily to improve company, co-workers and self. 


  • Embrace and promote innovation and transformation.  Have the courage to respectfully challenge the status quo. 
  • Believe in sharing results, learning from mistakes and celebrating successes.


  • Collaborate across departments to ensure best practice outcomes.
  • Seek to understand and open to different thoughts and perspectives.

Quality of Work

  • Leverage skills and abilities to provide the best customer experience. 
  • Have a relentless focus on exceeding expectations.


  • Accountable for individual actions and contributing to team performance.
  • Responsible for problem solving regardless of the origin. 


  • Show up for work on time everyday and produce consistent work .
  • Apply company policies and business strategies to all tasks and assignments. 


Education - High school diploma required, Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or similar major preferred

Experience - 3-5 years of relevant experience required

License/Certification - n/a

Knowledge/Skills/Abilities -Gmail, Google drive applications required. Must be knowledgeable in hardware, software and networks.  Critical thinker and problem solver with great attention to detail and excellent communication skills.  

Working Conditions:

Physical Requirements Talking, Hearing with or without correction, Repetitive motion- computer typing, Walking and Standing are occasionally required

Lifting Requirements  Ability to lift and exert up to 50 pounds occasionally 

Atmospheric Conditions  Typical office with exposure to warehouse conditions

Submit your resume to jobs@vivo-us.com.