VIVO Standing Height Adjustable Desktop Stand / Stand-up Work Space Desk Platform 24"

Product Description

Adjustable Tabletop Stand from VIVO that sits on top of your desk allowing you to work from an ergonomic standing position. Standing throughout the day is shown to have many health benefits such as increased blood flow and reduced neck and back pain the comes with sitting for long periods of time. The height adjustable legs raise the entire stand in one-inch increments to a level most comfortable for the user. Featured on the bottom of each leg are rubber feet to protect your desk from scratches and sliding. DESK-T-V024 is light weight and portable, easily moving from one place to another. The 24" x 22" surface is designed to hold monitors, keyboard and mouse, laptops, and more. The open space under the stand provides an extra area for storage. VIVO's adjustable table top stand is perfect for office spaces, classrooms, home offices, and more. 

Key Measurements 
Desk Surface: 24" x 22" 
Max Adjusted Height: 17.5" 
Min Adjusted Height: 11.5" 
Surface Thickness: 3/4"


UPC: 641020646627

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