VIVO Aluminum Cooling Platform Portable Universal Desktop Angled Stand for MacBook, Chromebook, PC Laptop | Fits 11" to 15"

Product Description

STAND-V000A is a sleek aluminum tabletop stand that elevates your laptop screen to an eye level position and creates a comfortable angled position for your wrists while typing. The open design and optimum cooling dock quickly dissipates heat improving overall airflow around your laptop. The back side of the stand provides an area for cable management that neatly route wires. Your desk and laptop are kept safe from scratches with bottom and surface side silicone padding. The surface side padding prevents your laptop from sliding off the docking platform. Sand-blasted and silver anodized finish matches majority of laptop frames and Macbooks. The solid one piece design is both durable and lightweight for easy portability. Designed to fit most 11” to 15” laptops.


UPC: 641020647051


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