VIVO Height Adjustable Computer Monitor Stacked Desk Riser Tabletop Smart Stand Platform Holds Screens, Phones, Pens, Calculators, and More

Product Description

New height adjustable “smart” monitor stand (STAND-V000B) from VIVO. Raise your display to a comfortable and optimal viewing height using the customizable stack column system. Raising your monitor to a proper ergonomic position encourages better posture which can help reduce neck, back, and eye strain. The top surface provides front and side slots, perfect for holding tablets, phones, small size office supplies and more! Other features include a built-in cable management system that neatly routes cables keeping them protected and organized, and non-skid EVA foam under the feet protect your work surface from scratches. STAND-V000B is tested to hold weights up to 22 lbs.


UPC: 641020647020


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