CUTR-F38 (discontinued)

VIVO Commercial Grade French Fry Cutter with 3/8" Blade

Product Description

New Commercial Grade French Fry Cutter (CUTR-F38) from VIVO! Whether you’re a business or a do it yourself home cook, this heavy duty cutter is an awesome tool for slicing through chunky potatoes making the perfect french fry. Also works great slicing sweet potatoes, zucchini, carrots, and other vegetables. Made of solid cast iron and stainless steel rods, the CUTR-F38 uses power and leverage making cutting jobs near effortless. Featured on the bottom are strong suction cups keeping the cutter completely stationary on flat surfaces. These cups can be removed if you wish to mount this directly to a counter top or wall. Assembly is simple and takes a matter of minutes before your fry cutter is up and running.

This is a uniform 3/8” french fry cutter and comes in a glossy red finish. When assembled it measures approximately 14” long by 10.5” wide and weighs right around 15 pounds.

*Important note: The bottom suction cups are not dishwasher safe and must be removed prior to placing your fry cutter in dishwasher.

UPC: 641020645163

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