VIVO Height Adjustable Tilting Laptop Workstation Bed Tray, Folding Portable Book Table Stand

Product Description

New adjustable laptop bed tray table from VIVO (DESK-L-V020), designed for more comfortable laptop use. Instead of awkwardly lying down in uncomfortable positions and causing neck and back pain, take advantage of this convenient, practical, portable, space-saving, and durable tray. In addition to your bed, you can use this portable tray in other locations such as the floor, your couch, a lawn chair, etc. if you so desire. The tray will increase your comfort while working, reading, surfing the internet, and anything else you might use your laptop for.

• 20" x 11.8" x 0.5" in size
• Adjustable from 9" to 12" in height
• 30 degree tilt
• Holds weights up to 40 pounds

• Small and light to increase portability
• Front stopper to keep objects from sliding off top
• Angle adjustable up to 30 degrees
• Quality steel material for sturdiness

UPC: 818538020465




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