VIVO FAN-V120B 120mm Blue LED Sleeve Bearing Quiet Performance Computer Case Fan

Product Description

New 120mm Blue LED case fan from VIVO. Our FAN-V120B case fan is designed for the perfect balance between quiet operation and high performance for cooling your system. With a rotation speed of 1,000RPM, this fan is far quieter than high RPM performance fans while offering better cooling than low RPM "silent" fans, with a smooth sound profile that will keep a more comfortable environment. The 9-blade impeller provides high static pressure suitable for use on cases, CPU heatsinks, and water cooling radiators. This fan also has a quiet motor installed that greatly reduces the ticking and resonance noise often found in other fans made with transparent materials. A combination 3-pin/4-pin cable allows the fan to be powered by the motherboard or directly by the power supply. Bright blue LED lighting with translucent blue blades and a clear dark gray frame will brighten up your computer and give it a cooler appearance.

Type - Case Fan
Size - 120x120x25mm
Bearing - Sleeve
Speed - 1200RPM (+/-10%)
Air Flow - 43.2CFM
Noise Level - 19.8dBA
Rated Voltage - 12V
Minimum Voltage - 5V
Current - 0.25A
Power Consumption - 3W
Power Connector - 3-Pin + 4-Pin
Cable - 400mm
Color - Transparent blue with dark-gray frame
LED - 4 Blue LED
Weight - 88g (3.1oz)
Accessories - 4 screws
Life Expectancy - 30,000 hours

Ultra quiet operation for a pleasant environment
High static pressure for greater cooling efficiency
Matching blue LED and transparent blue impeller for brighter, more pure lighting effect
Connects directly to motherboard or power supply


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