Click to open expanded view VIVO Anti-Fatigue 20” x 39” Black Comfort Mat ¾” Cushioned Non-Slip Stain Resistant Foam Surface Ergonomic Pressure Relieving Standing

Product Description

Ergonomic pressure relieving Anti-Fatigue Mat (MAT-F-039) from VIVO, created to help relieve stress on the feet, legs, and lower back from long hours of hard surface standing. The spacious 20” x 39” surface features ¾” thick padding that adapts to the shape of your feet, providing a perfect balance of cushion and firmness for comfort and support. Sleek beveled edges prevent tripping when stepping on and off mat. Both durable and stain-resistant, the surface is designed for shoes or barefoot use while working in the office, kitchen, classroom, or workshop. MAT-F-039 works perfectly in conjunction with standing desk workstations (check out VIVO’s standing frame models DESK-V100E and DESK-V100M).

Features and Specifics
• Mat Measurements: 20” x 39” spacious surface, ¾” thickness
• Ergonomic PU Foam padding that adapts to your feet absorbing stress and fatigue
• Stainless and abrasion-resistant surface that is easy to clean
• Non-slip surface and sleek beveled edges prevent tripping when stepping on and off mat
• Smooth black matte surface

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