E-Tool Folding Shovel

Product Description

VIVO’s portable fold up shovel is a necessity for any survival kit, whether you are embarking on a long wilderness adventure or preparing for emergency situations such as digging out a tire stuck in snow. This powerful yet easy to use spade comes in a fine black finish. When unfolded the VIVO shovel reaches 18” and is secured/locked into place with a simple twist. The spade head is 4.5” wide by 6.25” long with a serrated edge for sawing. Attached to the back of the head is a 4.5" pick for digging out roots. The pick can be folded back to avoid shovel interference. The entire shovel can be locked into a full 180 degree angle or if needed a 90 degree angle for tight situations. When completely collapsed, this shovel fits into a 6” by 8” black carrying bag which is included. This carrying bag has a belt loop for added portability. Ideal uses for this blade include camping, hiking, emergency digging, gardening, house repair, and many other outdoor uses.


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