VEST-V01B  (discontinued)

Tactical Vest Black and Gun Holster

Product Description
New fully adjustable tactical vest. Both length and girth are adjustable for a "one size fits all" design. Includes multiple pockets and pouches for carrying ammo, knife, flashlight, mags, or anything thing else needed. The vest has 9 pouches on the outside, 2 zipper pouches on the inside and 1 holster.The vest includes 1 Velcro spots on the front allowing for adjustment to the holster as well as 2 Velcro strips on the back shoulder. The pistol holster is Velcro so it can be moved from the front to the back if desired (as seen in the pictures below). This is a high quality well made vest.

The vest measures 22" from the top to the belt line. The waist measures 40”and can be adjusted up to an additional 16". The magazine pouches measure 8" tall x 2" wide on top and slim down to about an 1" on the bottom.

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