A Better Workspace Experience

Two things we excel in: Creating high-end ergonomic solutions for the office and providing top of the industry support to best serve our customers.

About the Company
VIVO is an ergonomic office furniture brand designing products anyone can enjoy in their home or office. We believe effective ergonomic office solutions shouldn't have to come at a high cost. From idea conception to final production, use innovation, creativity, and efficiency to produce a quality cost-effective solution.
Why Us?
We’ve centered our entire company structure and product selection around our customers. VIVO is headquartered in the U.S. with engineering, design, customer support, technical support, marketing, and logistics teams in the U.S. to provide a solid product experience and support level to our customers.
Our products are guaranteed and backed by warranty. We stock inventory and spare parts across third party fulfillment and our own warehousing across the states to follow the Amazon fast shipping model. We also operate and sell across the globe.
VIVO offers desks that are affordable but does not sacrifice quality.
Our products are available to purchase on major e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon that allows anyone to get access.
Our simple and functional design fits any type of office setting and unique style.
Enhanced Workspace
Sleek, high-quality office solutions that enhance the look and feel of your workspace, creating the ideal environment for efficiency and productivity. 
Improved Desk Organization
Your day moves smoother when you have the tools you need.  Desktop accessories help clear the clutter and provide a clean workspace to get things done.
Ergonomic Culture
Employees perform at their best when they're feeling their best. Ergonomic office equipment helps foster a safe and healthy culture for your company for years to come.