Electric 4 Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor

Product Description

Brand New Electric Four-Frame Honey Extractor from VIVO, perfect for all levels of beekeeping! The solid extractor body is constructed of 304 Stainless Steel. The BEE-V004E has a drum height of 23.75 inches and 41.5 inches with the mounted legs. It has a diameter of 18.5 inches. The distance from the honey gate to the floor measures 15.25"

Electrical Features:
Features include a quiet 120V AC motor (runs off standard 110V AC wall power) with a built in cooling fan.
Safety feature built into the lids causes the motor to shut off when either lid is opened and automatically turns back on once they have been closed again.

Outside Features:
Double sided top lid is made of clear plastic for easy viewing during honey extraction and is fit with a magnet to conveniently hold the lid open.
The stainless steel has a beautiful polished finish on the outside.

Inside Features:
Bottom of extractor is cone shaped creating efficient honey drainage through the 2-inch honey gate.
Inside basket can fit 8 small or medium frames, or 4 large size frames at once.



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