4" Grommet Kit for Monitor Mount


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  • SOLID STEEL CONSTRUCTION - Makes this grommet mount designed for strength, scratch resistance, and durability. Achieves excellent stability to keep your monitors safe and secure.
  • COMPATIBILITY - Fits desks up to 3.25” in thickness to accommodate the majority of desk types on the market.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - This grommet attaches to your current stand and secures to your desk for an extra sturdy setup. 

Give your monitor stand ultimate stability with this heavy-duty grommet mount (PT-SD-GT01D) from VIVO! Designed for desks up to 3.25” in thickness, you can give your monitor stand a sturdy foundation while saving desk space that a freestanding base would occupy. The grommet is secured by simple tightening for fast and easy installation. The solid steel construction guarantees it will last and hold your monitor(s) securely in place.

UPC: 818538026696

Compatibility and Measurements 

  • Compatible with the following VIVO Stands: STAND-V001, STAND-V002, STAND-V002C, STAND-V002F, STAND-V002Z, STAND-V003D, STAND-V003V, STAND-V011, STAND-V012, STAND-V012C, STAND-V012F, STAND-V101A, STAND-V101D, STAND-V102D, STAND-V102K
  • The kit minus the grommet base plate can also be used with the following: STAND-V001HG, STAND-V002FG, STAND-V003F, STAND-V003FG, STAND-V004FG, STAND-V004T, STAND-V004TG, STAND-V006F, STAND-V102AM, STAND-V102AF, STAND-V103, STAND-V104A, STAND-V106A
  • Grommet Length: 4”

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