Black Ergonomic Height Adjustable Standing Foot Rest Relief Platform for Standing Desk

Product Description

Create a comfortable and more ergonomic workspace with new Adjustable Heavy Duty Footrest (STAND-FT01) from VIVO. This footrest is designed for workers who sit or stand all day with little ergonomic support. The bottom steel frame is only 14.4” x 15.7” at its widest point, taking up minimal space while providing substantial benefits. Elevating feet and legs while sitting reduces physical stress and can support better posture. If you start to feel exhaustion in your legs and feet after standing or sitting for a long time, simply prop a foot up on the stand to alleviate some of that tension. 

• Height adjustable rest platform (range 5" to 10-1/4") 
• 9.8" x 15.7" platform provides plenty of room for your feet 
• Textured surface prevents your feet from slipping 
• Padding on bottom of footrest prevents the unit from sliding around on the floor 
• Heavy duty build ensures stand will last 
• Minimal assembly required making it simple and fast


UPC: 818538021110

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